Digital Announcement Signage for Churches

For today’s churches, it is important to use every tool possible to bring people to Christ. As our world becomes more digitally connected, there are newer methods than ever to do so. Digital announcement displays are one of the most useful tools available to promote and inform people about your church.

Digital announcements for your church enhances the worship experience, thereby building a stronger relationship amongst your congregation.


  • Create impactful displays to inform members about service times and special events
  • Make eye catching announcements for church-sponsored community and holiday events
  • Create or use templates to announce church functions, raise general awareness or for donation drives
  • Post brief bios of leaders/elders and guest speakers to connect with the congregants
  • Display the time and weather after service to help the congregation plan their trip home
  • Display alerts and instructions on what to do during an emergency
  • Communicate with the hearing-impaired members
  • Display building directories and wayfinding maps for your church building and campus

Going digital improves accessibility to this information and increases the ability to compete with smartphones and other distractions to keep the attention of your congregation.