Former Twitter Cybersecurity Exec Blows Whistle and Here Are His Claims

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Peiter “Mudge” Zatko has been a well known hacker since the late 1990s and he recently worked with Twitter from 2020 until he was fired in January of 2022. Jack Dorsey hired him in 2020 as a CyberSecurity Exec.

Pieter Zatko in an undated DoD U.S. Federal Government Photo.

1. He claims Twitter pursued a policy of “deliberate ignorance”, which incentivized its executives to intentionally ignore spam bots or fake accounts.

2. He also claims Twitter has repeatedly made false statements to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about user Security and Privacy measures.

3. He alleges that he refused to present “false and misleading” documents to the company’s board, which lead to Him being fired.

4. Zatko asserts that Twitter knowingly hired an agent of the Indian Government and gave them full access to internal user data.

Zatko has been subpoenaed by Elon Musk’s legal team as part of a court case between Musk and Twitter over his recent deal to buy the company.

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